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Twitter rebrands its Publisher Network

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Twitter is releasing what it calls significant expansions to its Publisher Network. The company revealed today that not only will this offering get a nice new name, but now advertisers can help drive users to view their videos or engage with their Tweets. Which brings us to Twitter Audience Platform (TAP), the new name the company has given to its advertising offering to highlight the evolution that’s taking place. It seems that Twitter no longer wants to highlight marketing on third-party sites, but rather aims to focus on helping its clients better reach Twitter users.

Formerly Twitter Publisher Network (TPN) — created as a result of Twitter’s acquisition of MoPub in September 2013 for $350 million  it was designed to let advertisers push Promoted Tweets to apps that are a part of this network. A year later, Twitter expanded TPN through the $100 million acquisition of TapCommerce, which added mobile retargeting and re-engagement advertising to the mix. But having mobile app install ads and re-engagement advertising apparently isn’t enough, so today two new objectives have been added. Advertisers can now extend their Promoted Video and Tweet engagement campaigns to TAP, while also taking advantage of the targeting signals typically used on Twitter (e.g. interest, username, and/or keyword).

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