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Twitter’s latest experiment..related tweets under videos

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In a new experiment, Twitter has started displaying a Related Videos section when people are not logged in to the social network’s desktop web client.

Twitter appears to be using favorites as a signal to figure out which tweets with media to highlight under Related Videos, which shows up on the right side of certain tweets and Twitter user profiles.

Follow a trail of Related Videos, by clicking on one and then another, you will notice that some of the tweets you were viewing were favorited by the user whose tweet or profile you previously viewed. Sometimes Related Videos that Twitter recommends come from the user whose tweet or profile you was looking at before.

Eligible media for the new header include YouTube videos, native videos, and animated GIFs. Videos from the Twitter-owned Periscope and Vine services do not seem to be part of the experiment. Previously Twitter was reported to be testing out a “view more videos” feature.

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