This week we have Sofitel offering the Kingdom an experience of joy and happiness with friends and family at the Sofitel Bahrain’s Ramadan Tent. The hotel is preparing to begin construction of its fourth Ramadan tent, which at the moment is planned as the largest the hotel has ever put up to date.

The tent will also be providing a ‘magnifique’ feel of spending an Arabian night under the stars with a beautifully decorated ceiling offering a wonderful expression of the night sky while the atmosphere of the tent remains cool, spacious and airy against the summer night’s warmth. Iftar and Ghabga prices are set at BD19++; guests are advised to call the hotel on 17636363 to reserve in advance.

This week we have a tempting dish coming in specially from the Sofitel Bahrain’s Ramadan Tent – Malfouf Mahshi or Stuffed Cabbage Rolls. To see this delicious dish cooked by this week’s Chef of the Week, Dany Elyass Adeeb, watch the video and try it out in your kitchen!

• White Cabbage (2Kg)
• Egyptian Rice (200g)
• Lamb Minced (250g)
• Whole Garlic (50g)
• Lamb Bones (1kg)
• Mint Leaves Fresh (5g)
• Dry Mint (10g)
• Black Pepper Powder (10g)
• Sweet Pepper (10g)
• Olive oil (100g)
• Salt ​​(10g)
• Butter ​​(50g)
• Onion ​​(100g)