An upscale mobile pet grooming start-up, Pretty Paws Pet Services, is taking the local industry to the next level with a unique ‘pet grooming at-your-doorstep’ concept. Launched in December 2017, Pretty Paws has set out to fill a market niche, offering something highly in-demand and yet not widely available on the island.

Pretty Paws delivers premium, comprehensive pet grooming services to their customers’ doorstep, in a cutting-edge grooming van, which can be parked at any location. “We’re bringing this innovative mobile services trend to Bahrain, which is now emerging in the kingdom. We believe that it is the future of business offering, and people in Bahrain are always open to out-of-the-box ideas,” Pretty Paws Pet Services co-founder and MD Hussain Mohsin Ali said.

Co-founded by Mr Ali, from Bahrain, and his wife Agnieszka Piechoska, the company joins the ranks of home-grown SMEs. Mr Ali and Ms Piechoska have meticulously crafted their new business from scratch, starting from the concept, in-depth market research, business model, brand identity, to van retrofitting. “Although it is our true brainchild, we wouldn’t be able to complete this project without the support we’ve received from the Government entities,” Ms Piechoska said. “We’d like to extend our special thanks to Tamkeen, BBIC, BDB, and MOIC for playing a vital role in getting our idea off the ground,” she added.

Pretty Paws will soon begin several collaborations with local animal welfare organisations, contributing to the cause by educating the local community and supporting charities across the country. “We are an enthusiastic team of animal lovers on a mission to help make Bahrain a pet friendly place!” Mr Ali said.