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Unleash Your Inner Carnivore with a CAB Rib Eye

Executive Chef Bengt Carlsson prepares a Rib Eye

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With an ambience so royal and a mesmerizing view to kill for, I’m pretty sure you’re going to have one heck of a time. The Domain Hotel Bahrain, located at the Diplomatic area, offers modern accommodations. Bahrain This Week met up with the Chef of the week who is a chef at Le Sauvage – a leatherbound masculine grill room with an open kitchen, teaching us the recipe of the week which is the CAB Rib Eye.

Mixed Pepper Sauce Ingredients:
05 gram          Onion Shallot Banana Holland
02 gram          Garlic Peeled
10 ml              Oil Olive (Loreta)            
01 gram          Pepper Corn Black
03 gram          Herb Thyme Holland
03 gram          Herb Bay Leaf Holland
05 Gram         Salt Maldon
1.200 Lt          Domain-Basic-Demi-Glaze
20 gram          Pepper Black
20 gram          Pepper Multicolor

Preparation Method
Sauté shallot, pepper and garlic in oil without coloring
Add demi glaze and simmer for 5 minutes
Seasoned and finish.  

CAB Rib eye Ingredients:
05 ml              Oil La Boella Arbequina
02 gram          Salt MAldon
01 gram          Pepper Corn Black
01 Stick          LE Domain Bread and Butter
40 gram          Tomato Cherry Bunch Holland
03 gram          Herb Rosemary G (Spain)
01 gram          Le Domain-potato-hand cut fries
01 ml              Le Domain-Sauce-Au Poivre
250 gram Rib Eye Cab Chilled

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Preparation Method
Season and grill the meat as guest request.

Finish in oven if necessary.
Let it rest for 5 minutes.
Plate as show in pictures.

French-Fries Ingredients:
100 ml            Oil Deep-frying
25  gram       Salt maldon
.200 kg           French Fries 6.6MM
50 gram          Corn Starch

Preparation Method
Dry the potatoes with cloth.

Blanch in deep fat fryer at 150.
Place on tray with absorbent paper.
When required deep fry until golden brown at 180.
Drain and season with salt.
Served on a doily lined platter  


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