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V-Marine Set to Make a Splash in UAE with Grand Opening of New Location

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V-Marine will open a new office and facility in the GCC region to meet the growing demand for sustainable houseboats, floating villas, and resorts. Building on the success of their world-first floating lounge and Lamborghini pop-up in Doha during the World Cup, the company is committed to sustainability and innovation, delivering luxurious and eco-friendly products and services.

V-Marine, a leading provider of houseboats and floating resorts, is proud to announce the opening of its commercial office in Dubai, UAE. The new office will be led by Giovanni Sorrentino, a well-known figure in the yacht industry for his collaborations with European and GCC yards such as Silent Yacht, an award-winning company for sustainable yacht industry, and Tecnomar for Lamborghini. Sorrentino’s contribution to V-Marine’s development of sustainable and self-sufficient houseboats, floating villas, and resorts will be instrumental in the company’s expansion in the region.

Currently the production is served from Bahrain, while V-Marine plans to set up additional production facilities in GCC to meet the growing demand for houseboats and floating resorts projects in the area. This move is in response to the significant growth and the increasing demand from customers in the region, which is expected to soon outpace the current production capacity in Bahrain.

“We are excited to have Giovanni Sorrentino leading our Dubai operations,” said Wael Joujou, CEO of V-Marine. “His experience and expertise in sustainability  yachts will be invaluable as we expand our presence in the UAE market and deliver high-quality, self-sufficient houseboats, floating villas, and resorts.”

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Sorrentino’s and V-Marine’s commitment to sustainability will drive the development of innovative solutions for houseboats and resorts that are both luxurious and eco-friendly.

“The UAE is an important market for us, and we are committed to serving our customers here with the highest quality sustainable houseboats and floating resorts,” said Sorrentino. “With the new production facilities in UAE, we will be able to better meet the growing demand for our products and services in the region while contributing to a more sustainable future.”

Wael Joujou added “V-Marine house boats already met the taste of UAE boaters thanks to the quality of the construction and the finishing of the interior space. Now the next step is to bring technology and sustainability to our models in order to offer not only an eco friendly experience but also a valid alternative to the Luxury Yacht industry in terms of luxury and space at a much more reasonable price”

Wael and Sorrentino met occasionally in Qatar during the Launch of the floating pop-up Lounge at the Pearl Doha, produced by V-Marine,  during exclusive presentation of the Urus Performante, and that experience led only recently to a fruitful collaboration .

V-Marine has a strong track record of delivering high-quality houseboats and resorts projects to customers around the world, and the company’s expansion into UAE represents a significant milestone in its growth trajectory. V-Marine is confident that its presence in UAE will enable it to better serve its customers in the region, and looks forward to continuing to deliver exceptional products and services to its customers in UAE and beyond.

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