The National Bureau for Taxation (NBT) affirmed that it is currently completing its technical preparations for the implementation of a VAT refund scheme in 2019, which allow visitors to claim refunds on a portion of VAT paid on taxable goods and services purchased during their visit.

To be introduced in partnership with a global operator, the fully integrated system that links registered companies to Bahrain International Airport’s departure area will facilitate reimbursements and offer tourists a seamless experience of disbursing the VAT refund.

The NBT recognizes that VAT reimbursements is a common practice introduced to increase visitor expenditure and boost the inflow of tourists as a stimulant for businesses’ competitiveness and overall economic growth.

For further information please contact the Call Center on 80008001 or [email protected] for general and technical queries in addition to taking advantage of the information available on the NBT’s website (, Instagram and Twitter (@BahrainNBT).