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Victorious Video Apps Seems to Have Gotten 250M Views

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Victorious, a startup building mobile apps where YouTube stars can interact with their “superfans,” says the strategy seems to be paying off.

Specifically, since the first apps launched in April, they’ve seen a total of 250 million views and 300 million engagements, with fans creating 1 million pieces of user-generated content.

In addition, Victorious says that it has now signed deals with creators who reach a total of 350 million subscribers on YouTube. New partners include theDOMINICshow, Complex Media and The Whistle.

Those might sound a bit like vanity metrics, especially since Victorious declined to provide a count of daily active users across its apps. However, co-founder and chief creative officer Bing Chen noted that subscriber count is a common way to show the reach of the multi-channel networks that help video publishers make money.

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