Staying ahead of the curve, VIVA DataCenter has become the first Uptime Institute Tier III certified facility in Bahrain, listing itself among the most sophisticated data centers from around the world. This achievement followed a thorough performance-based evaluation of the data center’s specific infrastructure.

Validated by the certification, VIVA DataCenter ensures 24/7 readiness and high-quality operations, allowing for any planned maintenance activity of power and cooling systems to take place without disrupting data center operations. Other key areas reviewed and authenticated include staffing and organization qualifications and skill mix, training and professional development assessment, preventative maintenance program and processes, operating conditions and housekeeping, as well as planning, management, and coordination practices and resources.

Mr. Ulaiyan Al Wetaid, VIVA CEO said, “The value of Uptime Institute’s Tier Certification is that it provides our customers a surety that our DataCenter is ideal from a critical business data perspective. Not only is it equipped with state-of-the-art hardware, it is managed by a highly specialized team of dedicated professionals, all of whom consider complete customer satisfaction to be one of their core priorities.”

VIVA’s DataCenter solutions are customized for each business to deliver their desired IT scalability in a cost-effective manner. The facility is also backed up with fiber-optic cables, which connects the DataCenter with international cables to help businesses benefit from VIVA’s international accessibility.

For more information, contact VIVA business customer care on 34128128 or email us on: [email protected]