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VIVA’s new faster 4G+ broadband devices

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VIVA Bahrain continues to strengthen its advanced LTE network and services with the latest addition of new faster 4G+ broadband devices, offering two times faster internet speeds than the normal 4G, on the Kingdom’s widest network.

With speeds accelerating up to 225 Mbps on the new VIVA 4G+ enabled-hardware devices, which include routers and mifis, this will translate to enhanced access to data services and faster browsing and streaming of online content at a higher quality. VIVA customers can experience this augmented speed on the upgraded network by registering for the device add-on plans offered with broadband monthly subscriptions.

The plans start from Broadband 10 coupled with 40GB data to Broadband 15 with 140GB data, as well as Broadband 20 that includes 200GB data, all plans comes with 2 optional additional sharing SIM cards.

As a technical upgrade to VIVA’s existing LTE platform, the 4G+ (or LTE Advanced) has been extended to the telecom operator’s wide-spread network across the whole of Bahrain, to further optimise its voice, video, messaging and data services.

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The 4G+ LTE advanced services is available for free for all VIVA subscribers. VIVA customers who wish to subscribe to the latest 4G+-enabled broadband devices, can visit any VIVA outlet, or call 124 or visit www.viva.com.bh.

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