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VMware CIO: 'I've worked for a lot of evil people in my career'

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When you’re the CIO of a company that sells to CIOs, you’ve got to figure there’s a good chance you’re going to be asked to do more than just keep the servers running.

“If you ask my CEO, he’ll say, ‘You’re the voice of customers,'” said Bask Iyer, who was hired in March as CIO and senior vice president at VMware. “‘You use these products,’ he’ll say; ‘Tell us if we’re building the right products for the market.'”

Only much further down on CEO Pat Gelsinger’s list — after forging customer relationships and helping to build revenue, for example — would be operations: “And oh by the way, make sure everything works,” Iyer quipped.

Iyer’s own list is a bit different.

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