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In focusSpotlightWain Adriss: Winner of INJAZ Bahrain-High School Product of the Year

Wain Adriss: Winner of INJAZ Bahrain-High School Product of the Year

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INJAZ Bahrain has recently conducted the 12th edition of Young Entrepreneurs Competition that witnessed student entrepreneurs from around the Kingdom competing to obtain the coveted Awards.

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Al Iman Private Schools (Boys) team- Ahmed Hassan Almannai, Mubarak Khalid Bin Hindi, Abdulla Salah Abuzaid, Ali Adel Mohammed, Isa Jassim Alrumihi, Mohamed Hamad Alhajri- won the High School Product of the Year Award for their innovative Wain Adriss under the coordination of Mohamed Ishaq.

The team shares the details of Wain Adriss with Bahrain This Week.

Can you detail Wain Adriss for our readers? 

Wain Adriss App is an application intended for students and designed to work on smartphones. It aims to help university and school students to find suitable places to study in the Kingdom of Bahrain, in addition to providing the best prices and discounts to students from various stores participating in the application.

Our App is available on the Apple App Store at present time. It focuses primarily on supporting pioneering projects in the Kingdom of Bahrain and marketing for them with expressive images of the shop, working hours, data of communication with the store and its location. Features and profiles available in it serve students. More than 800 people have downloaded the application so far.

How did the idea of Wain Adriss originate? 

From the beginning of the team’s launch in November 2019, we have endeavoured to research and investigate realistic problems in our society that require practical solutions. When we found the way to the problem that students in general and university students and higher studies, in particular, are suffering from, such as students ’lack of knowledge of the appropriate places to study, and the majority going to the same known stores In the Kingdom of Bahrain, thus crowding and inconvenience occurs, the students not finding a quiet place to study at the time- we have striven to provide a solution to this problem in the form of a smartphone application that is easy, simple and available to everyone.

How long did it to develop the app? 

Work on the application continued for about three months, and it took all this time due to the high cost of options available for the application, and a large number of alternatives and methods available for the application

Who are the participating vendors? 

From starting day to this date we have 26 coffee shop participating with the App such as mama mocha, Tea club, White sugar, Beans and Java, Uncle Sam Caffe and other Coffee Shops located in different areas in Bahrain. We have one shared work place (DIWAN HUB) that provide tremendous options for the student to work and collaborate.

What’s the next project for your team? 

Our Next Project is to develop a second version of the App that works on Android platform, where our current App works only on iOS phones (Apple iPhone and tablets).

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