Ways to Impress Your Valentine’s Date

Your style and grooming checklist for the big night

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, and while you’re probably racking your brain over which restaurant to pick and what flowers she’ll like best, don’t forget that good style and grooming matters to her too. (After all, no woman wants to be seen with a shlub on V-Day.) Follow these tips to upgrade your look by February 14.

Lather, rinse & repeat.

Show up with a greasy mane and at best, you can expect a handshake at the end of the date. Be sure you wash your hair to get rid of the product buildup and moisturize your scalp for flake-free style. We recommend shampoo from LABEL.M that helps to keep your hair soft and smooth.

Clear the stubble.

It’s cold outside, so if you’re rocking a full-grown beard, make sure it’s groomed well. But if you’re only sporting three-day stubble, opt for a clean shave instead (and save your date from any first-degree burns). Our barbers are perfect at their job, so you don’t have an excuse if you’re running late.

Ban blemishes.

Spotty isn’t sexy. To ensure you’re acne-free on Valentine’s Day, get a cleanup with exfoliation done. It’ll keep your pores clear without over-drying your skin.

Pucker up.

Prep your puckers if you want more than a peck on the cheek. Not only are dry lips painful for you, but they’re just as terrible to look at for her.

Tame flyaways.

A small dollop of the LABEL.M WAX OR STRONG HOLD GEL can go a long way. The water-based product works like a shapeable wax but with a matte finish. Whether you’re going for the bed head look or classic side-part style, work it into your hair for control and finish.

Don’t sweat.

Play it cool, even if this may be your first Valentine’s Day together—and don’t forget to apply a deodorant.

Keep it sporty.

Dark jeans and a white T-shirt are no brainers if you’re taking your date to a ball game, but you’ll stick out in a dining room. Upgrade your look to evening-appropriate attire with a sport coat.