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Celebrating Life of Late Dr. Ghazi Algosaibi

Site commemorating former Saudi ambassador, poet and Arabian political academic adds new thesis documents in response to popular demand.

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Ghazialgosaibi.com, a memorial website dedicated to the late and admired literary and political figure Dr. Ghazi Algosaibi, announces the addition of new and insightful academic research to the site highlighting the statesman’s life’s work in the literary, political and cultural fields. The website, which sheds light on the life, the professional career and social involvement of one of the region’s most celebrated and well-respected politicians, has recently added new academic research detailing Dr. Algosaibi’s diverse range of experiences, in addition to his insights during the first Gulf War period.

Due to popular public demand for access to Dr. Algosaibi’s works, the latest uploads to the site include the publication of one of Dr. Algosaibi’s most famous works, “Hatta La Takoon Fitna”, a self-published series of letters written during the Gulf War and the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait. The book details Dr. Algosaibi’s replies to clerics and religious fundamentalists he faced during the time of the invasion, whom he engaged with in liberal-minded historical and Islamic discourse. Through this discourse, Dr Algosaibi established a form of mediation which can still be readily utilised in the event of conflicting perspectives. The invasion of Kuwait had a major impacted the work of Dr. Algosaibi as it influenced his political, religious and social examinations and discussions. The book remains relevant more than two decades later as the Arab region continues to face similar challenges. The site has also included Dr. Algosaibi’s PhD thesis on the Yemeni revolution, which continues to resonate today in light of current affairs.

One of the most prominent additions to the website includes a brief detailing the influence of Dr. Algosaibi’s work. Mr. Suhail Algosaibi, Dr. Ghazi Algosaibi’s son, wrote the foreword to the digital version of “Hatta La Takoon Fitna”, detailing the context of the publication against the political backdrop of the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait. He said, “The website provides an extensive amount of specialised knowledge for individuals interested in the historical examinations of the region. This comes through the experiences and knowledge of my father and how these lessons are still applicable to reflect in current times. This allows interested parties of Dr. Algosaibi’s decades-long academic and political work with the opportunity to use proven examples in the face of any religious extremism seen currently in the region.”

For more information on Dr. Ghazi Algosaibi and to view the additions to his literary works, columns and letters please visit www.ghazialgosaibi.com. 

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