Packed your luggage to travel??… To ensure that you enjoy a safe, smooth trip – download the mobile app ‘Wejhaty’ which is packed with all your travel requirements in one single app developed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in collaboration with the Information & eGovernment Authority.

Launched in Arabic & English, the popular app includes multiple services to users preparing to travel such as Register your Trip service which facilitates communication between Bahraini citizens and students with Bahrain’s diplomatic missions abroad. Users also have the option to update or modify flight data, receive alerts in case of emergencies and coordinate their return to the country. The service enables users to send requests for help at any time – either through direct contact, email or Twitter.

Inquiring about a certain visa has also been added through Visa Requirements, which provides each country’s website while presenting visa terms and the accessibility to directly apply online. Furthermore, the app encompasses addresses, phone numbers and emails of Bahraini embassies, diplomatic missions abroad as well as accredited foreign missions with their working hours and locations through Google Map.

The app can be benefited from through the variety of useful links covering Renewal of Passport, Travel Ban services, Travel Insurance, Flight Information – based on user’s type of passport. In addition to the Important Notifications service whereby users are notified of urgent situations by receiving instant notifications or announcements issued from the ministry via the fully-equipped app.

With still heaps of services to list, the app embraces the Travel Insurance service that is linked to insurance companies. The newly-added features also include accessibility to general information on the Kingdom, designed to benefit and guide tourists to explore Bahrain’s key landmarks by offering direct links to the Tour Guide app (by the Bahrain Authority for Culture & Antiquities) as well as direct eVisa links to enter Bahrain.

The public can register their travel plans on Wejhaty through the national eGovernment portal or by downloading Wejhaty app via the App Store, Play Store or Bahrain eGovernment Apps Store to view the range of delivered services.