What’sThe Colour Of The Season?

Get tips from the experts at JOZ SALON & SPA

Changing your hair colour based on the season can make you look more trendy and edgy. Additionally, it makes your hair look more vibrant and healthy. The team at JOZ SALON & SPA determine the styling trends of the season.

Ice-white blonde was big in spring. Give those platinum locks some movement for a softer finish. It is perfect for fun in the sun! Feel free to show some roots if you will. However, there is a fine line between looking unkempt and being fashion forward. Dark and Marilyn blondes can play with the wet look and opt for gel products to create a slick, retro style.

Honey-streaked locks are perfect all year round; sunny days call for rich caramel tones. If you’ve been catching up on blogs and runways, you must have spotted the strawberry blonde – an evergreen summer look. Living on the cusp of blonde and brunette is perfect for sunny days as the light bounces on different shades.

Going auburn isn’t a bad idea either. Adding them to the ends of brunette tresses is ideal this season. Burnt orange isn’t just for autumn. The ombre trend still lingers; subtle dip-dyes are amazing! If you’re aiming for the darker side of the brunette world, go for copper chestnut highlights. Super-dark raven is perfect for the slicked-back style, especially when you’re at pool parties. No matter what colour you’re rocking, it’s all about styling this summer.