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Why you must RETHINK!

This article is published in association with Ministry of Interior in public interest.

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Rethink, is the best set of laws that has been brought out by the government of the Kingdom Of Bahrain. Some of us must’ve been really annoyed with the kind of laws but most of us are surely happy.

This week, BTW portrays the best of rethink. Why one must rethink! With the kind of accidents and irrational reasons for accidents taking place, it seems like it’s just very simple to cause it but very difficult when it comes to pay back time. It’s very simple to cause an accident but very difficult to get out of it. It starts becoming a routine. Everyday the newspaper has at least one accident report.

Rethink is a set of laws that shape the traffic rules even more by bringing strictness in power; such as, No driving without seatbelt or else heavy fine, no talking on the phone or else heavy fine, no kids on the passenger seat or else heavy fine, no talking with the earphones on as well or else heavy fine, disrupting the traffic can cause you a heavy fine. You see, if RETHINK never happened, it would be even worse. How? It would just continue like it’s nobody’s fault.

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On behalf of Bahrain This Week, please think before you pick up that phone of yours that’s ringing continuously. Please rethink before you drive without safety regardless of who’s in the vehicle.

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