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Why you shouldn’t Control by Riya Bhansali

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Most of us, to achieve any goal are advised to have self-control and self-discipline. For instance stop eating carbs, ground yourself to study. These stringent controls may not work for everyone. For some it may be disempowering. People will often be unhappy during their journey to achieve such goals. 

This is why you see a very few people who reach their goals and most importantly manage to maintain it. Unless there is an alignment in your goal and your purpose it’s very unlikely that you are going to succeed. This is most commonly observed in people who cannot maintain their weight loss after a period of time.

Your purpose for the goal should be clear and here is how:

Write your goals and read it every day several times. Get rid of any words which don’t make you happy. Reading it over time will make it align with your personal purpose which will make your journey to the goal smooth. Even if you fail, you will not regret the same.

Make your goal clearer with this:

Visualize yourself achieving the goal. Notice how you feel about it. Do you like what you see, hear and feel? If not, reword and rephrase you goal

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Control is a very short term way to achieve goals. It often indicates that you will have to sacrifice lot of things but since the time invested is less we generally don’t mind. When you look for lasting change especially changing your lifestyle you may reach the goal once but you may struggle to maintain it.

An effective solution would be to switch to a higher and more evolved mental state where the urge itself no longer rises. This way you make a change in a lasting way and no control is required and it becomes a way of life effortlessly. To achieve this state make sure you feed it to your subconscious mind via repetition to make it part of your personality. This way any goal can be achieved without any controls or killing unwanted urges and desires.

Riya Bhansali 

Yoga Teacher and Life Coach 
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