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Is your work permit still valid?

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Knowing the exact date of your work permit’s expiration date is highly crucial. Foreign employees and employers of foreign workers may easily and conveniently check their work permits, validity, application and legal statuses using multiple options. With simple, straight-forward steps; users of the online service ‘Legality of Foreign Worker’ can obtain these vital information by a click away.

The sought-after service is delivered to the expatriate segment by the Labour Market Regulatory Authority in cooperation with the Information & eGovernment Authority. The eService is accessible on the national eGovernment Portal (Bahrain.bh). Foreign workers have the option to either enter their personal identity card, work permit, application ID or passport numbers to grasp the validity of their permits.

For any suggestions or complaints, you may report them through ‘Tawasul App’ (Bahrain.bh/apps) or contact us via the National Contact Center (8000 8001).

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