Yoga – Most Common Doubts

As a Yoga practitioner and teacher there are various common questions that I’ve been asked, over the years. I’d like to address them here for everyone’s benefit.

Do I have to be flexible to do Yoga?

‘Iam not flexible enough’, gets thrown to me all the time! It’s like saying ‘I can’t have a bath since I’m dirty!’ Really, one practices to get more flexible.Moreover Yoga isn’t just stretching it’s extremely a toning, calming, meditative, spiritual and a healing practice.Flexibility is only one aspect of it. A regular Yoga practice will give you flexibility naturally, alongwith a myriad other benefits.

Is Yoga enough or should I compliment it with cardio and weight lifting?

A mindful Yoga practice, incorporating asanas for the whole body can be quite intense on its own. But adding on some cardio and weight lifting now and then, using the principles of yogic breathing, only adds variety to one’s fitness routine. So it can be mixed up appropriately as per individual needs.

How often should I practice for the best results?

As a beginner, practice atleast twice a week.Progress to 3 days in a week after a month or so. If you are doing more than that then keep atleast a day off for recovery. I would even suggest mixing up the styles [ie. Hatha yoga one day, power the other and so on}

What is the right time after eating, for yoga practice?

Ideally 2-3 hours of a gap after eating is recommended before a yoga practice. As I’ve said earlier, some yoga schools advocate a before sunrise practice which may not be feasible always. Infact if you are starving and want to do your practice some nourishment like a few nuts or a little juice to sustain you through the practice is just fine.

Why do we roll to the right after savasana at the end of class and sometimes to the left? Is there some significance to this?

Traditionally in Yoga you roll to the right during the day to honour the sun and in the evening roll to the left to honour the moon.

So, some questions answered! Now can we roll out that mat and get some practice!

See you next week.


Neelanjana Bharadwaj – Yoga Expert