Yoga off the Mat


So, the general concept of yoga is that it is essentially a physical practice which requires immense discipline and commitment. It is believed that a daily asana and pranayama practice done at a particular time is the only way one can reap the benefits of this ancient practice.

Though the above is true to an extent, one needs to understand that the real essence of yoga extends beyond just a mat practice.

Obviously keeping the physical body running in optimum condition is a given with the several yogic practices for only then can one dive deep into the workings of the mind.

As the body strengthens so does the mind and as we understand its workings we get more power over our own mind. The moment we learn the art of understanding and controlling our innumerable thoughts we become adept at handling literally any situation that comes our way.

So a true yogi has control not just over their body but also the mind.

Hence the practice of yoga does not end on the mat but I would say begins the moment one gets off the mat!



Neelanjana Bharadwaj

Yoga Expert

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