Yoga – What is it?

Let me come straight to the point, ‘What is Yoga?’
Is it meditation?
Is it an exercise form?
Is it a religion?
Is it a fad?

What are the images that come to the mind when you think of Yoga? Calm, serene, beautiful women in lotus posture or lean, athletic people in impossible postures? Long haired, mystical men standing on their heads or contorted into hideous positions?

These images may give you the impression that Yoga is no way for you but they are not what Yoga is all about! Then what is it and why must one try it at all?

To begin with, it is almost a 5000 year old science, originating from India. It’s a spiritual, mental and physical practice which aims to transform the body and mind. The mind and body practice is frequently touted for its ability to reduce stress and boost well-being. It also gives a wide range of physical health benefits that rival other forms of exercise.

The physical or ‘Asana’ practice requires just a clean space and a mat with you on it! One can literally practice anywhere as no special equipment is required.

As a beginner, it’s best to practice under a qualified teacher who guides one through the postures with the right breathing.

How, when and what to do?

Watch this space for the answers!

Till then Namaste!

Neelanjana Bharadwaj – Yoga Expert