Yoga – Why a must this New Year 

2015; A new year, a new beginning, bringing in that chance to firm up those resolutions for happiness and health. Why not resort to one single resolution which can give you a balance of both, mind and body, so every other thing falls into place?  YOGA, a perfect time to revert to a more than 5000 year old science which can help in maintaining the fitness, flexibility, strength, balance, detoxification, calmness and wholesome, of the mind and the body.

Just take that call and bring Yoga into your daily lives. Time and other constraints can be a deterrent in doing a complete practice. Don’t let that be the cause for not embarking on your yoga journey.

A few simple stretches done anywhere, at an appropriate time, are still better than not doing anything at all. Suryanamaskar or the ‘Sun Salutation’ is a wonderful sequence of postures which works on the whole body, incorporating the breath, invigorating most of the systems of our body.

For more on this, keep reading! Till then, stay healthy!

Neelanjana Bharadwaj – Yoga Expert