Launched in 2001 by French-Australian entrepreneurs, the pioneer restaurant is located in the Seef Mall Bahrain, where it is embraced as a fun, fresh and unique way of dining. Nobody can NOT get carried away by the yum fragrance of pancakes and crepes and especially Waffles! Bahrain This Week had a wonderful time tasting some great recipes in this cute little café called the Crepe Café! This week, we got along with Chef Cicelle and Chef Rex, who taught us how to make two of their exclusive extra tasty dishes, The Farmhouse and the Mixed Berry Waffles (OH! You have to try this). Have fun!

Have a look at the ingredients-

Mixed Berries Waffles
Waffle Batch – 75.6 g

Mixed Berry Batch – 80 g
Fresh Strawberry – 20 g
Whipped Cream – 25 g
Ice Cream – 70g

Icing Sugar – 2 g

Chicken Farmhouse
Crepe Powder – 57.9 g

Cheese – 50 g
Chicken – 50 g
Mushroom – 25 g
Bechamel Batch – 60 g


Chicken – 5 g
Mushroom – 2 g
Bechamel Batch – 10 g