A Young Woman of Beauty, Enterprise and Creativity

She is young, dynamic and with a heart full of dreams to harness her potentials and work for children in need. Meet Noora AlHaddad, the Managing Director of Creo Innovative Solutions.

Tell us briefly about yourself. Where you were born and raised, any special childhood memory?

I was born and raised in Bahrain, and I am a proud Bahraini entrepreneur, with a diverse background. I studied business administration with law in the UK and worked in the field of risk management and engineering insurance for 6 years. I am a Chartered Insurer and an Associate of the Chartered Insurance Institute, London. I also have a certified ecommerce and web design professional. Noora is an art enthusiast and she dedicates a lot of her time to charity, especially projects involving children in need.

Participating in an art event for Peace is one of my special childhood memories. I remember painting many small wooden cubes. My mother took me there, because she worked as an Art teacher and she ensured we get attached to art and also CSR at a young age. This was the first time I ever met Artist Abbas AlMosawi, and more than 20 years later I planned my first art charity event with his support, amongst several esteemed artists.

What brought you to start up an independent venture? Tell us about your company, Creo.

I have always wanted to own my own business, and my brother encouraged me to do so in 2013. He said: it’s about time. And he was right. Creo is the first of several businesses that I’m planning to start. I enjoy challenge, it is a big responsibility, but an enjoyable one. There is no limit to your creativity here. I feel more in touch with my society as well as myself as a human, I am able to give more to my society and make a difference now than when I was an employee.

Creó Innovative Solutions is a dynamic boutique firm, offering specialized services designed to cater for clients’ particular business objectives and needs, with an aim to increasing their efficiency and profitability.

We understand that our clients are interested in measurable benefits; whether it’s a Business, Quality or Marketing Consultation, a turnaround strategy, a corporate event, web, mobile application development, customized software, PR and marketing, or even seeking a new venture for a client, we are always committed to successful delivery to gain our clients’ confidence and ensure establishing long lasting partnerships.

Please mention some awards /recognition that your business has acquired so far.

Creo has worked with several public and private sector organizations and has received recognition from governorates, embassies and NGO’s in Bahrain and abroad.

How is CREO different from other business consultancies or PR/Advertising/Branding?

We focus on each clients requirements and we ensure building a long lasting relation of mutual benefit. We consider our clients our partners. Their success marks ours’. Our solutions are tailor-made to fit each client’s specific needs. And we are honest, because our clients’ benefit does matter to us, so we would actually advise a client to go for lower specifications for example, if we feel that he is better off (instead of us charging a higher premium).

What have been the major challenges in your path of success so far?

The major challenges faced are Finding the right staff and handling the workload. By time I got to learn that collaborations are very beneficial to ease these challenges; and being resourceful in general makes a huge difference. It is not about resources, but about resourcefulness.

What are the basic qualities an individual needs to take the bold step to start up something on their own?

Perseverance, Focus, resourcefulness and adaptability!

Where do you see your company in the next 5 years?

Creo will expand geographically and in terms of workforce too. Creo is the first of several businesses that I am planning to start in completely different domains.

What kind of help and support do you seek to help reach your goal?

The number one help and support comes from within, which is why we cannot be empowered, empowerment comes from within.  Our mindset and determination is what supports our vision and ambition the most. Nevertheless, help and support from family and friends is always a great boost. In my case, I have received a lot of support from great organisations in Bahrain such as The Capital Governorate, Tamkeen and BDB, as well as amazing businesswomen from the Bahrain Businesswomen society, who have shown unconditional care and support in many ways. The support we get from one another as entrepreneurs is priceless.   

Is it important to be qualified in the PR/Marketing/Business development industry to start up a company in that field?

In order to start any new venture, you require admin/marketing/finance/HR knowledge as you are likely to take all decisions on your own in the beginning. It is very important to be aware of the various business aspects required in order to survive and succeed. Industry specific knowledge is always a plus, however it can be picked up along the way or by conducting some research and so on, but the general business management and operational knowledge is what makes or breaks the business. Which is why I plan to start new businesses in different domains as well.

What is your message to budding entrepreneurs in the country?

Despite the challenging economic climate, we are blessed to have the opportunities and support schemes offered in Bahrain to entrepreneurs and SME’s. The facilities and support provided enables us to start our businesses and grow stronger and even expand abroad when we are ready. Network, speak to other young entrepreneurs, get in touch with a representative from Tamkeen, Rowad, or even one of the great supportive Business and SME societies in Bahrain. A lot of support is available whether financial or in the form of mentoring and coaching. Always challenge yourself and learn something new everyday! And remember, your mindset is what determines your success!