Saturday, April 17, 2021

    Your Traveling plans start at

    The Summer holidays approached! Before deciding on a destination, take some time for preparations whether you are traveling for business or leisure. It is always advised to have a rundown of your travel-related documents like the validity of your passport and identity card.

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    Among the broad range of online services, the Information & eGovernment Authority (iGA) provides a bundle of travel related services via the National Portal ( and mobile apps (

    iGA can be your one spot to complete travel document essentials such as the Passport Renewal eService available on In collaboration with the Nationality, Passports and Residence Affairs (NPRA); Bahraini citizens and their family members (wife and children) can smoothly submit passport renewal request, pay fees and enquire about the status– all carried-out online without the need to physically visit any governmental entity. Once processed, an SMS notification is to be sent to applicants who are required to bring the older passport in order to collect the newly-released one from NPRA.

    The highly accommodating mobile app Wejhaty packs multiple services for travelers in a single app developed in collaboration between iGA and Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA). Available in Arabic & English via the eGovernment Apps Store (Bahrain.Bh/Apps); Wejhaty encompasses visa information and traveling advices, notifications (sent to all app users) of any emergency cases that may arise while abroad, contact details of Bahraini embassies, diplomatic missions available abroad, along with the foreign missions inside and outside Bahrain. The app also includes useful information of events and tourist attractions in Bahrain.

    Departing with a soon-to-expire ID card may also cause unnecessary delays; save your efforts if desiring to issue or renew an ID card, or replace a lost or damaged one by visiting the portal. Easing the process for you even more; the availability of the eFax speeds the completion of customers’ applications and avoids wasting your time.

    For further information, please contact us via ‘Tawasul’ on or, and you may follow us on social media @iGAbahrain for the latest services and features updates.

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