‘Z Pizza’, the artisan-inspired pizza chain has enticed traditional pizza lovers, health-conscious consumers and gourmet palates since 1986. They offer   signature handcrafted pizzas made with premium ingredients.

Initially located at Sultan Mall, ‘Z Pizza’ successfully launches its second outlet at Juffair Mall for the enthusiastic reception of pizza lovers.

Within years after their launch at Sultan Mall, ‘Z Pizza’ is a favourite among Bahrain families.  It offers signature artisan brick oven baked pizzas made with premium and fresh ingredients, providing a healthier meal.

‘Z Pizza’ is a unique place with an even more unique recipe for pizza.  What really makes ‘Z Pizza’ stand out in the minds, hearts and stomachs of pizza lovers is their health-conscious, gourmet take on this classic ‘Z Pizza’.

The ingredients include certified organic tomato sauce, chicken breast, skim mozzarella, jalapenos, tomatoes, red onions, bell peppers, ranch sauce and non-GMO flour.

Menu choices feature all natural and organic ingredients, fresh produce, dough made from 100% organic wheat flour. Whether you are looking for these healthier ingredients, pizza that can fit into your diet or just a great tasting pizza, ‘Z Pizza’ has just what your taste buds are craving for.

Handmade fresh & fire baked crust options regular & brown wheat, organic tomato sauce & part-skim mozzarella cheese options and with all-natural preservatives; you name it and the place has it all.

The newly introduced Z Ranch pizza with its mouth-watering ingredients – chicken breast skim mozzarella, jalapenos, tomatoes, red onions  bell peppers, ranch sauce has been a huge hit among the pizza lovers of Bahrain. They are priced BD 2.600 for small, BD 4.200 for medium and BD 5.900 for the large Pizza.

The menu also includes a selection of  fresh salads and pasta, gourmet sandwiches, succulent Zwings  and Take N Bake pizzas, which customers can take home to cook at their leisure.

Founded by Sid Fanarof in Laguna Beach, California, over 30 years ago, the ‘Z Pizza’ chain has now spread across the globe. Stemming from a passion for great food and a desire to deliver authentic and unique recipes, ‘Z Pizza’ is a beacon of quality, freshly handcrafted and fire baked to perfection every time.

The Juffair Mall branch offers the choice of delivery, dine-in, take-out and catering, in addition to an online ordering system where patrons can customize orders with ease from the comfort of their homes.

Sign Up for their loyalty programme called ZTRIBE for exclusive offers, information, and news that are available only to members. For more information and delivery, call 17870555 or visit www.zpizzabahrain.com