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Zain Bahrain employees undergo FinTech and Artificial Intelligence training

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Zain Bahrain, a leading telecommunications operator in the Kingdom, organized a specialized cognitive technologies training series for its employees to learn more about the Financial Technology (FinTech) and digital ecosystem in Bahrain. The first developmental training session titled ‘FinTech: Analyzing and Understanding its Impact on the Telco Industry’ provided employees with an in-depth understanding of how to differentiate themselves and leverage the value lurking in the growing FinTech market in addition to improving their skills within the field of cognitive technologies. The development training is strongly aligned with the company’s strategic direction and is a step to improve the customer experience, increase efficiency, and support revenue generation. 

Mr. Ameen Altajer, the CEO of INFINITEWARE, an artificial intelligence company, conducted all three training sessions for the Zain Bahrain team. With extensive experience in the software business, Ameen is a recognized veteran speaker who has spoken at major tech businesses ranging from Google, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and at huge conferences spanning Bahrain, Lebanon, Dubai, and the rest of the world.  

Out of the three training sessions, the first session  which was under the ‘Zain Master Class’ platform – focused on analyzing FinTech and understanding its impact on telcos. The session further focused on how telecom companies can benefit from the FinTech revolution, new business models, markets, and the power of data; and the future growth of this sector.  

The second and the third session focused on understanding Artificial Intelligence (AI), one organized for the directors and the second for managers and specialist level staff. These two sessions were tailored to take executives and professionals through a journey to understand the reasons Artificial Intelligence (AI) advanced so swiftly in the telecom sector and how gaps have been filled in an organization, enabling better customer service. The directors’ session highlighted the use of AI in business terms and the ways to harness it in the telecom sector, while the managers and team leaders’ session focused more on leveraging AI as a tool for running organizations and utilizing it to their advantage.

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Commenting on hosting the Zain Masterclass, Rana Al Majed, Manager, Learning & Development Human Resources at Zain Bahrain said, “Due to our philosophy of forward-thinking, we are pleased to support our employees with the latest skills and technology. FinTech is a 21st-century business model and a brand-new language, with the evolution of AI showing an upward growth trend, we encourage all our staff to take a leap of faith, learn and embrace this new concept because it here to stay.”  The speaker of the Zain training series Mr. Ameen Altajer said, “The telco business has changed a lot in the last few years, is constantly evolving and adapting to innovative solutions. AI and FinTech are next-generation technologies that will help companies to deliver services in newer, faster ways than was traditionally available. Every organization, I feel, should widen their institutional expertise by constantly screening pioneering technologies that arrive in the market, and I am grateful to Zain Bahrain for inviting me to speak at this event. With more companies adopting newer technologies, I am happy to have highlighted the importance of these cognitive technologies in the telecom sector to the employees through this training session.”

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