Mr. Mohamed Ali AlQaed, CE of Information & eGovernment Authority (iGA), welcomed Dr. Mohamed Tayeb Mahmood to receive a copy of the Ph.D. that he was recently granted by Brunel University London, UK. The thesis was under the title ‘Government Digital Transformation and its Role in Enhancing Citizen’s Trust in the Government’.

AlQaed praised the thesis along with the significant aspects it covers including the factors that influence government digital transformation and the role of public entities in adopting the digital transformation policy when improving government performance and its services as well as achieving customer’s satisfaction. Furthermore, strengthening citizen’s trust in the government and the services provided by public entities. The CE also wished him all the best and success in his career life.

The Chief Executive also congratulated Dr. Mohamed for completing such valued thesis which is considered one of the first academic studies in this field within the Kingdom and the region. He also highlighted that it is without-a-doubt a qualitative addition to the National Library in the government’s strategy of government digital transformation in line with Bahrain’s Vision 2030.

Dr. Mohamed’s study was concluded with the presence of influential factors in strengthening citizen’s trust in the government by its direction (as a whole) towards digital transformation, adoption and activating the transparency as well as accountability principles of the government. Moreover, meeting the needs and expectations of the citizens from public entities along with the necessity to optimally benefit from the eGovernment system as well as modern technology in enhancing such trend. These factors undoubtedly play a vital role in improving government performance and citizen’s satisfaction with the government and its services.