iGA Participates in the GIS Day

From the right; Data Development Head Eng. Shaikha May bint Mohammed AlKhalifa, Systems Development & Maintenance Director Shaikha Manar bint Abdullah AlKhalifa along with Acting Vice CE of Operations & Governance Shaikh Salman bin Mohammed AlKhalifa at the Information & eGovernment Authority.

Information & eGovernment Authority (iGA) Acting Vice CE of Operations & Governance HE Shaikh Salman bin Mohammed AlKhalifa stated that the Tasareeh platform encompasses under its umbrella several systems for the issuance of permits related to infrastructure projects, in Bahrain, which currently delivers services to more than 30 public and private entities. He added that this year witnessed a growth in productivity, reaching to more than 10,400 online requests, 93% of which were successfully completed. Such milestone, confirms the enhancement of work efficiency and improvement in performance of the employees.

HE Sh. Salman also said that such projects avoid the need to visit these entities for the purpose of completing transactions. He also pointed that the electronic system presently comprises a batch of projects that contribute in ensuring an infrastructure which supports sustainable economic growth in line with the Economic Vision 2030.

Shaikh Salman also explained that Tasareeh works on providing accurate spatial information that assist in decision-making and planning future projects beside reducing time to deliver applications and obtaining the required permits in a short period of time; eliminating the need to visit concerned entities to carry-out transactions.

This came in conjunction with Authority’s participation in celebrating the global Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Day organized by Microcenter Group with the attendance of specialists and experts from in and out of the Kingdom. This celebration goes in parallel with the worldwide GIS Week held in more than 90 countries around the globe.

Eng. Shaikha May bint Mohammed AlKhalifa during her presentation of the Tasareeh system.

During the ceremony, the Authority gave a presentation on Tasareeh that manages applications for infrastructure related projects, in Bahrain, and highlighted the key performance indicators and achievements within the project, as well as presenting of a set of statistics that are relevant to the system and the measuring of employees’ performances along with future development plans.

It is worth noting that eWayleave system is under the Tasareeh’s platform has been launched with its second revamped version last February by the Deputy Prime Minister and Ministerial Committee for Services and Infrastructure Chairman H.E. Shaikh Khalid bin Abdulla AlKhalifa. An updated version of the system that was previously launched by iGA for the first time in 2013, has been internally implemented amongst ministries along with private and public entities which receive way leave applications electronically for medium and large projects in order to facilitate the process of issuing these permits in a timely manner.