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In Cooperation with Bahrain Inherited Traditional Sports Committee: ‘Souq Al Baraha’ Hosts ‘Al Sariyah’ Ramadan Program and Heritage Festival

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On the occasion of the advent of the Holy Month of Ramadan, “Souq Al Baraha” at Diyar Al Muharraq is hosting the 3rd “Al Sariyah” Ramadan Games and Competitions which will include a T.V competition show and a comprehensive hertiage festival in cooperation with Bahrain Inherited Traditional Sports Committee.

Starting from the first day of the Holy Month, April 2, Al Sariyah Program and Festival will be held daily from 9:30 pm to 12 am, and includes a list of diverse traditional games and competitions, such as Dama, Dominos, Card Games – Hand and Alkoot 6 as well as Carrom in addition to a traditional cooking competition.

Souq Al Baraha will be the key station for Al Sariyah traditional interactive television show, which is broadcasted live on Bahrain TV, with the aim of preserving inherited customs and traditions of the Bahraini, and GCC communities.

Participants in the show and visitors of Souq Al Baraha will be able to spend memorable moments of excitement and fun, and they will have the opportunity to win valuable prizes and special rewards with a total value of BD 20,000.

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The programme, which also includes the “Heritage Possessions” and “Traditional Dress” contests is open for all to participate, by registering through the website www.almawrooth.org/registration-ramadan

Commenting on the occasion, Mr. Ahmed Al Ammadi, CEO of Diyar Al Muharraq, said: “Souq Al Baraha embodies the deep-rooted Bahraini heritage in all its details, as its features and designs were inspired by the rich history of the Kingdom, with the aim of contributing to its preservation. Therefore, Souq Al Baraha and Diyar Al Muharraq were keen to sponsor Al Sariyah Festival and host its activities and events, which are derived from the Bahraini heritage, in order to ensure it is passed on from one generation to another, in a distinctive Ramadan atmosphere.”

For his part, Mr. Ahmed Yusuf, CEO of Seef Properties, the company responsible for leasing and managing Souq Al Baraha project, stated: “We are delighted to cooperate with Bahrain Inherited Traditional Sports Committee to launch the Al Sariya Ramadan games and competitions show in Souq Al Baraha, which reflects the keenness of Seef Properties to provide everything new and qualitative in the sectors of mall management, hospitality and entertainment. Souq Al Baraha presents a new concept of shopping in a harmonious atmosphere between the authenticity of the past and the modernity of the present, granting visitors an exceptional experience in the authentic Bahraini style. The Holy Month of Ramadan is a great opportunity for all visitors to enjoy the most memorable times in a special Ramadan atmosphere that emulates the historical customs and traditions of Bahrain, both at the level of traditional games and other accompanying activities.”

The recently-completed Souq Al Baraha project includes commercial and recreational facilities within a traditional atmosphere embodying the authentic Bahraini heritage.

Starting from the holy month of Ramadan, Souq Al Baraha will welcome the visitors at a soft opening to enjoy shopping in stores and shops owned by distinguished brands from Bahrain and the Gulf as well as global trademarks that were attracted to the project which is operated and managed by Seef Properties.

Souq Al Baraha occupies 64,000 square metres with a built area of 20,000 square metres, which includes a total leasable area of 13,000 square metres. The project features a diverse and comprehensive range of retail stores (over 500 stores), including a supermarket, family entertainment centre, restaurants and cafes, and specialty stores such as jewellery, crafts, tailoring, textiles, dates, spices, traditional sweets, antiques and rugs. Besides, Souq Al Baraha includes offices, public service facilities in addition to Souq Al Baraha Mousque.

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