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New simulation system installed at Bahrain International Airport

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The Ministry of Transportation and Communications has announced the installation of the simulation system for the most modern air traffic control tower in the region.

The new system provides an integrated simulation platform for air traffic controllers at the air traffic control tower, using the latest digital technology.

The hitech system allows the simulation of air traffic control tower operations in various weather conditions with a panoramic view of the surroundings of Bahrain International Airport covering 360 degrees.

The new system is supported by virtual systems to represent radio communications, ground traffic radar, meteorological information and other advanced equipment used to manage air traffic on the airport grounds.

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This is part of efforts made by Civil Aviation to enhance air navigation services at the highest levels of safety and quality and hone the skills of  national cadres in accordance with the standards and requirements of the International Civil Aviation Organization.

Transportation and Telecommunications Minister Mohammed bin Thamer Al Kaabi said he was delighted that air controllers have started training on the new simulation system,

He stressed the importance of the new system in providing an environment similar to the reality of the operations of the actual air traffic control tower at Bahrain International Airport.

The new system enables the simulation of multiple scenarios, emergency training, and provides practical experience of best practices in air traffic management at the airport, in addition to reducing expenses related to external training for air traffic controllers.

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