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38th ICT Governance Committee Meeting Discusses Government Procurement Requests Worth BD4 Million

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Government strategic projects and procurement requests valued at approximately BD4 million were discussed at the 38th Information and Communication Technology Governance Committee (ICTGC) meeting, chaired by Information & eGovernment Authority (iGA) Chief Executive, Mohammed Ali Al Qaed.

At the start of the meeting Al Qaed welcomed new committee member Ali Jassim Humood who represents the Ministry of Cabinet Affairs, adding that this important addition will help elevate the committee’s work and help it to achieve its objectives.

The committee reviewed important procurement requests via video conference, including one from the Supreme Council of Health’s (SCH) Diagnosis Related Group (DRG), which is required for the Bahrain National Health Insurance Scheme (Sehati), and will bring further transparency to the costs of healthcare services offered by hospitals, while fostering an environment of healthy competition between them.

The Committee also discussed a tender for providing Microsoft program licenses to the Ministry of Education to enable them to continue to offer remote learning during the current circumstances. Other topics touched upon included providing call center services to the iGA and the National Bureau for Revenue (NBR), and Navigational Telex (NAVTEX) services used by the Ministry of Transportation and Telecommunications to send navigational and air warning signals to ships in the region and transmit forecasts and urgent safety information. The committee also covered the latest NBR system developments and their progress as per the project timeframe.

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Al Qaed praised the efforts of the Committee’s members and the continuous coordination among government entities, emphasizing the importance of this ongoing communication in the development of the IT sector and the improvement of government performance and services.

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