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Achieving Global Recognition

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What was this event and where did it take place and Why did you attend
this event?

The event is called the Global Marketing Forum it is an annual event that takes place every year from the German Based Mercedes-Benz Head Quarters, where all of the marketers of the Mercedes-Benz World attend.  This year it was held in Lisbon, Portugal, unlike every year that takes place in Germany. This GMF was supported by the presence of the German Head Quarters management. Attending the GMF were Dr. Jens Thiemer, VP Marketing Germany, Mr. Benjamin Syrig, Over Seas Marketing Head, Natanael Sijanta, Head of Marketing, Mercedes-Benz Cars Stuttgart Germany. Being the Marketing Manager for the Distributor of Mercedes-Benz in Bahrain I attended the GMF.

What was the Award for and how did you win?

The Award was for the  ‘Digital Champion’. I won the award for participating in the competition that had around 159 participants from over 100 countries and representing Al Haddad Motors and Bahrain. The competition was open to all individuals to participate and become the digital champion via using the digital app created by the Mercedes-Benz team in many different forms and for utilizing the app and getting scores.  The purpose of the app was to understand how important our business is based on the digitalization and how well can we deal with the world out there.

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What was that feeling of receiving an award for Bahrain?

Winning this award was a very proud moment for me. Particularly because it was my first award and further the first for the Al Haddad Motors Bahrain as well for the Marketing Dept. The day I left from Bahrain to go to Lisbon I had never imagined that I would win an award in front of the Global Mercedes-Benz team. It was a marvelous feeling and I feel very motivated towards my job.  This is my first ever award I have received for representing my company and my country Bahrain.  I had a very positive response from the various markets from Europe, America, Far East and especially my colleagues from the Middle East dealerships. When the name of your country is called that gives you that special recognition, the feeling is beyond amazing.  No matter how big or small an achievement may be if ‘s for the name of your country and for the people you love; then that is the best achievement of all.

How was the news perceived by your friends and family?

I had so much love and respect received by the Management of Al Haddad Motors, my colleagues, friends, my family, and moreover people I met at the GMF have all praised me so much. It’s an amazing feeling to be very honest. The whole team was so supportive and proud of what we have achieved. They are very proud of me and I’m so delighted to have such colleagues.

What is your background and how did you become involved with Al Haddad Motors?

I have been working in the Automotive industry for about 13 years.  Worked with many brands from the British, German, Italian and American manufacturer.  Al Haddad Motors has been more than family and I have always loved working with them.  I got an opportunity as the Marketing Manager at Al Haddad motors in 2009 and since then it’s always been Mercedes-Benz as a car dealer.

What does Al Haddad Motors do to encourage brand loyalty?

Al Haddad Motors is the official and the only dealership for Mercedes-Benz in the kingdom of Bahrain.  The mission of the company is to provide customers with a great driving experience and provide exceptional service.  We strive to bring excellence to our customers and learn and improve from those experience day to day. The team is excellent and the support from the management is fabulous. Results can be seen in the performance of the business.

In the field of sales & Marketing, how are you able to market a new product in regards to these three aspects: Innovation, Efficiency,  and Comfort?

We believe in continuous improvement and taking risks. The marketing today is
way different than how it used to be 10 years ago. Communication has become very easy. It is a digital era and customers demand perfection. So with the support of our Global Marketing Team, we develop and plan to utilize all the latest innovations that represent the brand and give’s what the customers need. Mercedes-Benz is working on the new evolution of automotive and will announce some great news soon. All of these plans are in line with its vision for the new digital and electric era.

What’s the auto retail industry going to look like five years from now?

As mentioned earlier things are not the same as they use to be 10 years ago. This is the era where we have everything digital and stories about autonomous self-driving cars are not a myth anymore. We are in the world where things we saw in movies are coming to life, we shall soon see flying cars and I think that’s the future. Hybrid and electric cars are the latest talks and we are already for that.

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