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New Additional channel “The Virtual Support “ helps you with ID card eServices!

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The Kingdom of Bahrain is dedicated to simplifying the lives of its citizens and residents by introducing a range of online government services. One such service is the Virtual Support service an additional channel, which aims to help specifically for ID card-related services. By offering convenient support and streamlining the process, this service is designed to enhance the overall user experience.

Provided by the Information & eGovernment Authority (iGA), Citizens and residents can now easily seek help and guidance regarding a range of ID card services, such as ID Card Renewal, First-time ID Carrd Issuances for children under 10 years of age, and Replacements for lost or damaged ID cards. It allows you to access support remotely, without the need to visit a service center in person. It also makes the experience more user-friendly and convenient.

To use the Virtual Support service, you may book your appointment on iGA’s website www.iga.gov.bh, taking into consideration that you will need to have a valid passport and valid residential address. You can then connect with one of the iGA’s ID card employees, who will assist you in completing your ID Card eService successfully without the need for personal visit. The new feature was introduced in line with the iGA’s commitment to continuously developing its eServices to better serve the public.

For inquiries, visit the National Suggestions and Complaints System (Tawasul) available via the National Portal, bahrain.bh, download the Tawasul app from the eGovernment Apps Store bahrain.bh/apps, or call the Government Services Contact Center on 80008001. To receive updates on the latest news and developments, follow the iGA’s social media channels @iGAbahrain.

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For more information, please visit the National Portal, bahrain.bh.

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