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Afkarech partners with Lulu Hypermarket for its Ramadan initiative ‘Wrapped in Love with Afkarech’

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Ramadan is the month of giving and charity, every year Afkarech, a female network and Bahrain’s first female think tank, lends a hand to those in need. This Ramadan, Afkarech has joined hands with Lulu Hypermarket to support the campaign will donate toys to the underprivileged, orphaned or sick children as Eid Al Fitr gifts. The ‘Wrapped in Love with Afkarech’ campaign will run through Ramadan and collect toys to be wrapped and distributed.

Select toys from Lulu Hypermarket will be on sale at a 50% discount for donation and a drop box will be available at Lulu Hypermarket outlet in Dana Mall for the toy donation.

“We, at Lulu Hypermarket are very happy to help transform Afkarech’s vision of community service into reality,” said Lulu Group Director, Mr. Juzer Rupawala, “The concept of sharing the joy of Eid-Al-Fitr with children in need through gifts of toys touches a chord in us all – it recreates our own lovely association with toys and childhood and helps the community to give back that joy to these kids. By helping to personalise the act of giving, Afkarech has added a new dimension to the whole process.”

Afkarech’s campaign doesn’t limit itself to just the toy donation, we would like the children to also feel the love of the person who has donated the gift. So, on 20th April, 8pm onwards, a ‘Gergaoun’ themed event will be held at Dana Mall. A special gift wrapping station will be set up for those donating to help wrap the gift and write a special note for the child receiving the toy.

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“We believe that encouraging words, even if they are from kind strangers make a big impact in the lives of underprivileged children and that what our campaign is about – adding a smile on the faces of the children who may just need to know that there are people who care”, said Mariam Al Ammadi, President, Afkarech.

Lovy Joseph

“We invite the community at large to extend their support this Eid by joining us at Dana Mall on the 20th of April at 8.00 pm and thank Lulu hypermarket for their open-hearted support to our Ramadan initiative”, added Vice President Lovy Joseph.

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