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Alwane Bahrain Society Celebrates National Holidays with Exciting Excursion

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Alwane Bahrain Society arranged a leisurely excursion for its members to celebrate the significant national holidays of the Kingdom of Bahrain and Bahraini Women’s Day.

This event was part of the Society’s ongoing efforts to organize recreational activities on diverse occasions, as the trip encompassed visits to various tourist destinations, archaeological sites, and notable national monuments across different regions of Bahrain.

Highlights included exploring the Pearling Path and other significant locations, and the excursion featured a range of outdoor recreational activities and events, drawing the participation of both society members and non-members alike.

Mr. Ammar Awachi, President of Alwane Bahrain Society emphasized that hosting such events reflects the Society’s active engagement in the Kingdom’s celebrations of its national holidays, particularly Bahraini Women’s Day. The Society is dedicated to annually commemorating this occasion, utilizing it as an opportunity to showcase the Society’s objectives and programs while fostering stronger ties with the community.

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