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BCCI: Driving Bahrain’s economic growth and innovation

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The Bahrain Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI) recently marked a significant milestone – its 84th founding anniversary.

This momentous occasion not only celebrates the Chamber’s longevity but also highlights its unwavering dedication to advancing national objectives and fostering growth within the private sector. Through years of service and commitment, the Chamber has played a vital role in enhancing the performance of businesses, promoting economic development, and driving innovation. This week’s SPOTLIGHT focuses on the reflections of two prominent Bahrainis on the remarkable journey of the Chamber as it marks more than eight decades of rich history filled with accomplishments, challenges, and a relentless pursuit of excellence.

Yes, the significance of this anniversary and the pivotal role the BCCI continues to play in shaping the nation’s economic landscape “The Bahrain Chamber celebrated its 84th founding anniversary, highlighting its long-standing commitment to serving national goals and enhancing the private sector’s performance,” said BCCI chairman Sameer Nass.

“On this momentous occasion, it is noteworthy to highlight the Chamber’s effective contributions in decision-making, shaping economic legislation, and addressing jurisdictional issues at regional and international levels.

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“We remain grateful to His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa and His Royal Highness Prince Salman bin Hamad Al Khalifa, the Crown Prince and Prime Minister, for their unlimited support to the private sector represented by the Chamber, and empowering it to achieve its goals in serving the country and supporting the business community.” Mr Nass expressed pride in Bahrain Chamber’s pioneering position in the Gulf region, being the oldest and most prestigious chamber of commerce in the region and the first fully elected chamber in the Gulf countries. He also reinstated the Chamber’s pledge to continue supporting and developing the business environment in Bahrain, assist the private sector in achieving its goals, and contribute to shaping economic legislation and decisions.

In 1939, the Arabian Gulf saw the establishment of the first Chamber of Commerce in Bahrain, initially known as the General Traders’ Association. After operating under this name until 1945, it was then rebranded as the Bahrain Chamber of Commerce. In 1967, it acquired its present name, BCCI.

Parliament Speaker MP Ahmed bin Salman Al Musallam congratulated Mr Nass on the anniversary of establishing the Chamber. He praised BCCI’s role in supporting the national economy and strengthening the kingdom’s economic position on the regional and global map. “The BCCI’s efforts and initiatives that contributed to the development of the private sector are noteworthy,” he commented.

“The Chamber has provided many job opportunities for Bahraini youth and supported development projects in Bahrain that keep pace with Bahrain Vision 2030. The Representatives’ Council is keen to boost cooperation with the private sector and upgrade the economic legislative framework to achieve common national goals. We wish the BCCI chairman and members further success in continuing work and achievement for the good and interest of Bahrain.”

Shura Council Chairman Ali Al Saleh also praised the projects and initiatives of the BCCI to ensure the sustainability of economic growth, and to support promising commercial sectors. He highlighted the role played by BCCI for more than 80 years in consolidating Bahrain’s status as an economic, commercial, and investment centre, at the regional and international levels.

Since its establishment, the Chamber has played a significant role in shaping Bahrain’s national economy and fostering a dynamic private sector. It has consistently adapted to fast-paced economic and social changes and has worked tirelessly to stimulate the growth and expansion of the private sector. By empowering its role in the country’s economic development alongside the public sector, BCCI has greatly contributed to the overall progress of the nation.

The chamber’s confidence, bolstered by wise leadership, has further strengthened its influence on economic decisions and propelled its efforts to cultivate a thriving ecosystem that nurtures business growth. Moreover, the chamber’s expanding membership base has played a crucial role in reaffirming its position as the exclusive representative of the private sector and a staunch advocate for its interests.

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