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Boundless Networking at Your Fingertips, Interview with Muhanna Al Sulaiti

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AlMajlis App, is taking the social networking scenario by storm, by presenting apt and umpteen opportunities as per the interests.

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Bahrain This Week shares a conversation with Muhanna Al Sulaiti, Founder of AlMajlis App and his unique innovation in the digital era.

Can you introduce AlMajlis App for our readers?

AlMajlis app is a platform that allows users to find their required contacts, as whether you’re a student looking for information from a particular person, or graduate who’s looking for someone to partner with to open a business, or individual who’s seeking a specific skilled person for specific task, or even want to meet a new individual for coffee to expand your networking circle. The purpose of the app is to offer users a platform that provides infinite opportunities through networking.

What makes the App unique among its competitors?

It solves a significant and real problem, “Human synergy.” As in life, there are infinite opportunities for everyone, yet most don’t reach them. Why? Because they can’t find their required individual/s.

l    AlMajlis app focuses on informal networking.

AlMajlis app only delivers benefit to the users. Either exposure or support them find their required contacts (Gives users the feeling of fulfilment). It also allows users to help others. (Gives users the sense of wellbeing).

l     Lastly, AlMajlis app is free and straightforward.

How will this App upgrade Bahrain’s business life?

With AlMajlis app the business and non-business communities in the Kingdom of Bahrain shall witness synergy like never before. This type of synergy will create almost infinite opportunities, which will ultimately lead to success.

To support I’ll give you two tangible experience;

1.    The percentage of users who found their required contacts in the platform is over 83% and mostly happened in less than 3 days with less than 500 users.

2.    When we reached 300 users, we decided to gather the users for networking purposes. Over 73% of the attendees had some benefit, from getting internships to joining an event as a vendor.

How the Kingdom has accepted the App so far?

Positive feedback included as it’s an app with a very noble purpose, as it will help many! Personally,   I was able to find my required contact in less than 2 days.  It is nice having the opportunity to help others in a click of a button. (By recommending contacts to users who seek specific individuals)

Negative feedback included that sometimes the app crashes and lags in performance. This is normal as we had just launched 3 months ago, and we are improving.

Who has supported to develop your ideas?

The app wouldn’t be where it is today without the support of:

      Maryam Hisham Al Rayes

      Wala Yousif Taqi

      Ameerah Maraghi

      Fatima Al Rahma

      Hamad Fuad

      Hazem Janahi

      Abdualla Aloqab

      Ahmed Alsanadi

Besides, the busy schedule in connecting business sectors, what are your hobbies?

I enjoy trying and gaining new experiences and information such as meeting new people, skydiving, piloting a helicopter, piloting a fixed wing, scuba diving, martial arts, reading, watching movies, and most importantly yoga.

What do you aim to achieve next?

To gain 50,000 users in the kingdom
of Bahrain and making the app’s system fully autotomized in terms of helping users find their required contacts. Future Exclusive note: We shall soon launch a version that we’ve been working for the past couple of months that will allow users to generate income.

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