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Mango Mania at Lulu – Taste the World’s Best

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Nothing heralds the warmth of summer better than the mouthwatering LuLu Mango Mania festival – a celebration of the King of Fruits that is everybody’s favourite.

The Festival, which opened today at the LuLu Hypermarket in Dana Mall, features over 80 varieties of the Mango from 15 countries. The opening ceremony was presided over by Ms. Maha Abdul hameed Mufeez, the CEO of Tamkeen and attended by diplomats from eight countries – India, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Philippines, Yemen, Indonesia, Malaysia and the USA. They were welcomed by the Director of LuLu Group, Mr. Juzer Rupawala and senior officials of the Hypermarket.

The Festival will not only showcase the aromatic golden bounty of mango but will also have a special ‘Mango Dine-In’ area where customers can enjoy the mango in various forms like Aam ras Puri, milkshakes and smoothies, cakes and desserts, mango-infused curries, unique raw mango drinks and coolers, pickles and chutneys and fruity salads.

The Festival continues till 18th May 2024 and will be celebrated with display and sale in all the Lulu outlets in Bahrain.

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To engage shoppers, especially youngsters, LuLu had also organized a game arcade with a mango theme where the fruit is the key to puzzles and visual representation.

“Lulu Hypermarket’s ‘Mango Mania’ festival is one of our most popular immersive retail experiences,” said Mr. Juzer Rupawala, “Lulu’s celebration of the mango truly unites the world and brings great taste to Bahrain shoppers.”

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