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CBB warns consumers when dealing with personal and banking information

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The Central Bank of Bahrain (CBB) called on consumers to be cautious and vigilant when dealing with their personal and banking information.

This warning came as a result of increased cyber attacks and fraud globally during the COVID-19 pandemic, especially when the consumers receives SMS, telephone calls, smartphone applications and websites  .

The CBB urged consumers to check SMS alerts in order to keep track of banking transactions.

Consumers shall not respond to any calls received through smartphone apps (such as Viber, etc.) claiming to be the bank service provider and requesting personal and banking information. Banks would never use a smartphone app to request sensitive information, the statement said.

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CBB called to not enter sensitive information in any pop-up windows whilst browsing, and to always change the PIN and password assigned by the bank while accessing Internet Banking Services for the first time and remember to change it periodically.

Consumers shall be alert about any fake websites, emails, telephone calls and text messages which are possibly linked to fraud organizations specialized in embezzlement.

They should not reveal banking information to any third party and ensure that it is kept private and confidential.

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