Chrome launches new developer features


Google today launched Chrome 45 for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android, with some expected changes and new developer tools. You can update to the latest version now using the browser’s built-in silent updater or download it directly from

Chrome is arguably more than a browser: With over 1 billion users, it’s a major platform that web developers have to consider. In fact, with its regular additions and changes, developers have to keep up to ensure they are taking advantage of everything available.

First and foremost, Chrome now automatically pauses less-important Flash content (rolling out gradually, so be patient). This feature has been a long time coming from both Google and Adobe. With the goal of making Flash content more power-efficient in Chrome, in March, a setting was introduced to play less Flash content on the page, but it wasn’t turned on by default. In June, the option was enabled in the browser’s beta channel. Now it’s being turned on for everyone.