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Dr.Naeema Al Gasseer Receives Health Awareness Award from London Arabia Organization

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 Dr.Naeema Hassan Al Gasseer, World health Organization representative in Sudan and public health professional, was awarded by London Arabia Organization the Health Awareness Award, in recognition of her leadership role in standing for health development and its strong belief it is for everyone.

Held on the 6th of December in London, Dr.Naeema Al Gasseer received her Award during The Arab Women of the Year Awards Gala Dinner and Awards Ceremony, a prestigious event that showcased the capabilities of Arab women as leaders and brought together illustrious representatives of governments, businesses and civil society.

Dr.Naeema Al Gasseer is the first Bahraini woman works in WHO, and the first Bahraini woman to be granted an Honorary Doctorate from Glasgow Caledonian University in 2005. Dr. Al Gasseer worked as representative of WHO in many countries such as Iraq and Egypt. She was earlier senior consultants of Nursing Development Program at WHO Headquarters in Geneva during the period (1999 – 2003).

“It is a great honor to get this prestigious award tonight and would like first of all to thank London Arabia Organization for choosing me for the Health Awareness award, and appreciating the amazing achievements of Arab women in various significant fields. I dedicate this award to my mother, my family, and my late father who actually didn’t discriminate between me and his eldest daughter and his son.” Dr.Naeema Al Gasseer said in her speech.

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“Let us call for love, peace and humanitarian work, and avoid hatred and discrimination. I have been working in MENA region for 23 years and I know how it means to spread love and peace and make health development available for everyone. Today Bahrain is celebrating Women success, and Arab region is starting to celebrate Women achievements with the support of everyone like leaders, policy makers, NGO’s, civil society institutions, and the private sector.”  Dr.Naeema Al Gasseer added.

Along with Dr.Naeema Al Gasseer Achievement in Health Development Award, London Arabia Organisation has awarded this year many creative Arab women in different fields as follows: Souad Abdulla on winning the Lifetime Achievement Award, Princess Dina Mired on winning the Achievement in Global Leadership in Cancer Control Award, Baria Alamuddin on winning the  Achievement in Media Award, Khalida Azbane on winning the Achievement in Business Award, Logain Omran on winning the Achievement in TV Award,  Dr.Sharifa Al Yahyai on winning the Achievement in Social Development Award, Intisar Al Aqeel on winning the Achievement in Literature Award, Sarah Essam on winning the Achievement in Sport Award, Bana Al Abed on winning the Youth Achievement Award.

The 2018 awards are created by London Arabia Organisation, and have been supported by the Mayor of London. This year’s event was held in partnership with Regents University London, the Bicester Village Shopping Collection, Y Asset Management, the United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR) and London & Partners.

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