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Ebdaa partnered with Middle East Hospital & Medical Centers to organize a revolutionary Medical Day

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Ebdaa Microfinance Company and the Middle East Hospital & Medical Centers joined forces to organize the “Ebdaa Medical Day” event in collaboration with Al Jabri Investment House. The event took place in the main lobby of the Exhibition Tower, where the Company is headquartered.

As part of this event, a wide array of exceptional medical packages were provided to the employees of the company. These packages encompassed a range of complimentary medical examinations, including tests for diabetes, blood pressure, and liver enzymes. Moreover, exclusive offers and discounts were made available for vitamin D and vitamin B screening, along with an assortment of treatment and detection services for various chronic diseases in specialties such as general medicine, dentistry, and others.

The “Medical Day” gathered the staff members of Ebdaa Microfinance Company, along with several microfinance customers and their families. Additionally, partners and individuals interested in monitoring their health and availing themselves of the healthcare offers also attended the event.

This event reflects Ebdaa Company’s commitment to fostering a comprehensive work environment for its employees. One of the key aspects emphasized is the promotion of their health and encouraging early detection of both communicable and chronic diseases. Furthermore, the company aims to ensure that its staff members receive optimal healthcare services with utmost efficiency.

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The company extended its gratitude to the doctors and nurses from the Middle East Hospital and Medical Centers who played a significant role in the success of the “Medical Day” event. Furthermore, it emphasized its commitment to enhancing this partnership and expressed the intention to organize additional similar events in the future.

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