Interested to volunteer or register for programs offered by the Ministry of Youth & Sport Affairs from wherever you are without physically visiting the ministry?.. It’s the app generation, the all-new eShabab mobile app caters to the needs of the younger generation by providing easy access to a collection of services that target this society segment.

The Information & eGovernment Authority, hand-in-hand with the Ministry of Youth & Sport Affairs, benefits the youth users who are fond of searching and registering for youth programs. The mobile app allows youngsters or their parents to electronically use the list of features that include updating of their profiles; adding family members for programs; viewing offered programs, durations of programs and registration fees; receiving notifications when seats are available for certain programs; as well as registering for programs and assessment exams. All through ‘Let’s Register’ feature available in the mobile app that can be downloaded from the eGovernment Apps Store

Those in favor of volunteering may conveniently submit their requests at the ‘Sawaed’ feature on the app. Users may also view the set of events, share their details and add to users’ personal calendar.

Want to enquire about something related to ministry’s services, programs or events?.. The app also provides the contact details for the ministry and youth centers as well as receive notifications from the ministry instead of visiting ministry premises to obtain answers to certain questions.

eShabab is a must-have app delivered to Bahraini and non-Bahraini youths to search on the go for countless related programs and events like the current thrilling events International Youth Conference 2018, Pecha Kucha Night as well as the World’s Largest Lesson.