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Eyebrows : Style Your Own!

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 Every decade seems to have its own brow craze. A particular shape and size becomes the beauty standard, and then, years later, everything changes dramatically. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. What is considered attractive today wasn’t always the case a few years ago. One of the most dramatic, ever-changing facial features are the eyebrows. Face-framing and enhancing, these small arches can have a huge impact on your look. Just like hair and makeup styles, the evolution of their shape has changed significantly—even within the last decade!


In the late ’90s it was all about the supermodel shape! That meant delicate, unfilled, barely-there brows. The look was pencil thin, like a dramatic old movie star from the ’20s or ’30s.” But overly-tweezed arches weren’t the only fad. Model Kristen McMenamy even shaved off her brows when she rose to fame.

Nowadays, bold, darker brows rule the runway and the red carpet! “People want a thick shape with high arches .Brows have become less about trend and more about what looks best for your particular face. Thicker, well-groomed, natural brows have been the most popular, unless you’re trying to achieve a distinct look. The best part of today’s brow sculpting is that there are many more options when it comes to maintenance: tweezing, waxing, and threading, to name a few. Basically, we have more ways to get exactly what we want.

So, whatever style you choose to wear your brows, whether it’s a combo of bold thickness mixed with a little of rounded arch, know what products and tools are needed to shape and maintain your pretty arches!

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We at JOZ SALON & SPA launched MINI BROW STUDIOS and we believe that brows are the most important piece of the facial structure puzzle. Not only do they provide shape but, according to many stylists, perfect brows are a symbol of confidence and power, and yes of course, youth.

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