The much anticipated 3rd FAI World Cup of Indoor Skydiving officially opened
on Thursday, October 25 in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

All participating teams took part in the speed tests, in which Gravity gave the opportunity for all players of the teams to carry the tests by using the wind tunnel to control the speed of the wind and the pushing power inside the tunnel.

The technical team of Gravity provided all speeds required by the players, in which each team depends on a speed suitable to the moves it is going to performs, thus the team members could carry them simply and comfortably.

The speed tests were carried in the best ambiences through negotiating with their trainers about the speeds that are suitable to their capabilities and performances in the wind tunnel, before the official opening of the competitions.

The speed tests are considered as protocol procedures in such Cups, and they took place before the official competitions to allow the teams to practice the speeds suitable for them inside the wind tunnel.

It is worth mentioning that the Gravity tunnel is one of the longest glass wind tunnels in the world with a length of 12 metres, width of 4.3 metres and speed of up to 290 kilometres per hour.

After the opening ceremony of the 3rd FAI World Cup of Indoor Skydiving, the draw lots were carried out for all participating teams. The draw determines the competition schedules between the competitors, to determine the times of the competitions that starts today (Friday) and continues until Sunday.

The judges highlighted the provisions of the Cup in its third edition, in which it will be held on categories; 4-WAY FS, 4-WAY FS Females, 4-WAY FS Juniors, 4-WAY VFS, D2W, FREESTYLE and FREESTYLE for Juniors.

The meeting was important to highlight the main points of some of the World Cup-related rules and laws, in addition, to notify the participating teams to provide the main requirements of the teams through the support of the organising committee that is dedicated to the success of the Cup and providing all facilities to ensure the best performance to reflect the strong competitions by all sides.

A paragliding show was carried out by the team of the Ministry of Interior, in the side-line of the opening ceremony of the 3rd FAI World Cup of Indoor Sky at the Gravity headquarters. The show attracted the attendees as the Gravity building was filled with the participants and the public who enjoyed the various performances of the paragliding team.

The organising committee of the World Cup has allocated an exclusive zone for the fans in the surrounding area of the Gravity headquarters. This zone is the area for the public to gather and watch the competitions through a giant screen that were placed there. The first day of the World Cup witnessed a massive crowd in the zone and the other areas allocated for the side-line activities that included cultural and arts events in festive atmospheres.

The organising committee has allocated a special area and named it “Gravity Boulevard” to hold social, artistic, entertainment and youth events. The Gravity Boulevard located in the World Cup area is part of the associated events, in which the visitors and the fans would be treated to shopping activities of various products, in addition to different food outlets and music shows.  The Gravity Boulevard includes many restaurants and companies that would offer products and foods. It is an opportunity for visitors, young and adults to enjoy the provided services.   

The 3rd FAI World Cup of Indoor Skydiving that the Kingdom of Bahrain hosts for the first time in the Middle East and Asian receives huge supports from different organisations and companies.

The sponsors are: Ministry of Youth and Sports, Al Salam Band, Retz Carlton Hotel Bahrain, National Bank of Bahrain, Tamkeen, Batelco, Bahrain Aluminium (Alba), Gulf Air the National Carrier, Awan Media, Erodium, Regency Intercontinental Hotel Bahrain,  Gulf Petrochemical Industries Company (GPIC), Information and e-Government Authority, Bahrain Tourism & Exhibitions Authority.

The considerable backing and support by companies represent their care and support to the sports sector in Bahrain in general and the skydiving in particular. The support will contribute to expanding the development foundation of the indoor skydiving sport and attracting more Bahraini and Gulf youth to it, along with reinforcing the capability of Bahrain to host such international sports events. Their support also represents their dedication to making a success out of the global event that is being hosted in Bahrain for the first time.