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Fashion Mark for the Holy month of Ramadan

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The Middle East, a culturally rich land, is known for its eminent fashion statement. The Kingdom of Bahrain has been drawing inspiration from each other’s fashion culture, thanks to the geographical proximity that the land possesses. Many renowned local celebrities are known to don attire that is either designed by remarkable Arabian designers. Likewise in the Kingdom of Bahrain, the creations of many ingenious ex-pat designers from all over the world living in Bahrain are showcased at Fashion galas and festivals held across the globe.

Arabic fashion is influenced by many factors like age, social status & family rituals that also dictate moral dimensions, and the locality of people. The garment worn signals its region, social class, wealth, and even personality. The choice of wearing a particular outfit also reflects the fundamental values of the wearer. Mostly famous for its bead and thread work, Arabic fashion is incorporating a lot of western work in its fashion. Demographically, the younger generation gravitates toward western clothing, whereas the older generation seeks their comfort in traditional wear.

Bahrain is a land with multi-cultural ex-pats, which tends to influence fashion. Bahrain Fashion displays diversity in weaves, fabrics, colors, and materials of clothing. To stay globally relevant, Bahrain fashion has cleverly adopted the western fashion culture and has yet kept the essence of its tradition intact.

When we talk about expressing or representing fashion for a particular occasion, what’s better than the occasion of the ongoing Ramadan month, which is the Islamic holy month, and that important period of the year, that signifies the time of spiritual reflection, self-improvement, and heightened devotion and worship.

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Over time, Bahrain fashion has evolved from Asian & western countries, remains still rooted in the fashion world, but has seen some adaptations that are suitable for the modern times. Bahrain’s fashion has a lot of variations for women and men during the holy month of Ramadan like traditional dresses like ‘Jalabiya’ Hijabs, Niqabs, Abaya, Kaftan, Kandura, Dishdasha, Thawb, etc., which depends upon the region and family culture they belong to. In the sultry land of Bahrain, men are found donning a long, white tunic known as Kandura or Thawb, and women are seen in wide, long robes called Abayas. Despite the similarities in the attires being worn throughout the Gulf countries, slight variations in the details in the design help one differentiate between a Qatari, a Kuwaiti, Saudi, or a Bahraini.

Bahrain, a land of history, biodiversity, and fashion, has its cultural uniqueness crafted in the design of its attires. Since red is the national color of Bahrain, it is not unusual to see Bahraini women wearing red Abayas or Jalabiyas with golden embroideries on special occasions and important days. Men in Bahrain are often seen in white Shemagh and Dishdasha, which are usually paired with a shirt collar. Culturally, a Bahraini bride wears a traditional brilliant green or a red Nashel, and the groom wears a thobe on their special day. Bahrain is a fashion-tolerant country and hence Bahraini men and women walk on the streets of Bahrain in western clothes as well like jeans, pants, trousers, jackets, shirts, t-shirts, long dresses, casual tops, palazzos, etc., is a usual sight.

Over the past decade, many international brands have created a unique range to increasingly cater to shoppers during Ramadan. Ramadan-specific collections are dedicated collections for millions around the world during this important holy month. As shoppers, people have become much more creative with their wardrobes, specifically for Ramadan and they want to try the latest trending and upcoming fashion styles

As this is the time of the year when everyone is looking forward to spending their precious time with family and friends, thus dressing up becomes an important part of the celebration and most importantly they want to enjoy what they wearing at iftars and suhoor which showcases the amalgamation of their diverse traditions and cultures.

With ever-increasing fashion brands coming up for creating dedicated collections, we at Attire Collection also trying to bridge the gap between high fashion and serenity. Wishing all readers a blessed Ramadan

Ramadan Kareem


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