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A recent graduate or a job seeker? Ensure updating your ID Card details easily with bahrain.bh!

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Life is a journey filled with changes and milestones. Graduating from university and starting a new job are significant moments that mark progress and growth. Along with these achievements, it is crucial to ensure that your ID card personal details are up to date. With bahrain.bh, you can easily update your ID card personal details with the latest information.

Provided by the Information & eGovernment Authority (iGA), the National Portal bahrain. bh offers streamlined eServices for updating your civil data records. Whether it’s your marital status, family details, educational qualifications, or work information, the national portal provides a convenient platform for these updates.

Additionally, it provides a comprehensive range of address-related services, such as adjusting your address of residence, printing address certificates, updating residential addresses, and verifying residential address statements. You can find a complete list of required supporting documents on bahrain.bh.

To enhance convenience, eGovernment Kiosks have been made available. These kiosks provide a user-friendly interface for viewing your ID card chip information and updating relevant details such as address, occupation, passport information, sponsor, and residency. By utilizing these kiosks, you can ensure that your ID card accurately reflects your most recent information in a swift and efficient manner. Additionally, you can register for the Government Notifications service (NotifyMe) through the kiosk, allowing you to receive important updates and promptly make any necessary changes. Furthermore, the kiosks offer ekey services, including registration and password retrieval for your ekey.

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