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Innovative Virtual Fashion Show to be organized by Medpoint

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Medpoint Design and Events Management is hosting the first of its kind Global Women’s Virtual Fashion Forum & Show which will highlight topics that relates to women from various sectors. Between 500 to 1000 women from all around the world are expected to join the Global Women’s Virtual Fashion Forum & Show from 12th to 19th July 2020.

Distinguished and famous personalities, namely Former Ministers, Entrepreneurs, Global Organizations, Corporate leaders and Fashion Designers, will talk about fashion, design, and entrepreneurship. The innovative forum is organized to motivate women, develop their abilities, and bring forth their hidden talents.

An exciting eight days of fashion shows will accompany the innovative event. It will host an array of famous fashion designers from New York, France/ Paris Fashion Week, Italy, Morocco, Kingdom of Bahrain, Oman, KSA, UAE, Kuwait, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey, Sudan, India, Tunisia, Australia, Iraq, Portugal and Nepal.

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On this occasion, Medpoint’s CEO and Chairwoman, H.E. Shaikha Noora bint Khalifa AlKhalifa stated: “The success of the series of exhibitions organized by the company over the past decade encouraged us to continue organizing highly beneficial and value adding events. The COVID-19 pandemic is threatening the continuation of the fashion sector. The Global Women’s Virtual Forum & Fashion Show is an excellent alternative to overcoming this problem.“

Additionally, H. E. Shaikha Noora Khalifa Al Khalifa believes that the forum will provide an excellent platform for fashion designers to enter the international market.

Shaikha Noora stated that the virtual forum will last for 8 days and allow international designers to display their unique collections to the fashion world. They will be able to present their unique creations to a huge global audience that is deeply interested in the fashion industry.

She also pointed out that the virtual forum will include specialists, speakers, and academics in fashion entrepreneurship. It will be filled with inspirational success stories that will motivate participants to develop their skills and capabilities. It will also help designers reach the maximum number of people while helping the public to follow the latest innovations and creations in the field of fashion and design.

The registration for The Global Women’s Fashion Forum and Show will be open for all through the ZOOM app. The Medpoint officials are inviting the public to take advantage of this unique and exciting event.

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